Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nolan N104 Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Pinlock

Recently on a dark overcast afternoon I was driving on the highway with two motorcycles behind me. One had a white helmet. One had a hi-viz yellow helmet. The latter's helmet stuck out like a beacon of light in the foggy night. It just yelled, "See me! I am yellow!!" And I thought to myself, I need one of those...

I ride a motorcycle year round. When I got my bike I bought a white helmet since I read advice and studies that show riders wearing white helmets get in accidents less. This sounded like a good idea to me. But after my recent drive I realized: yellow is greater than white. I was ready to get a new helmet.

I checked out the different hi-viz options and wanted one that had flip-up design, rated quieter than average, built-in sun shade, and under $500. This led me to the newly released Nolan N104. Their hi-viz version comes in Cab Yellow. (Some may argue yellow isn't hi-viz like neon yellow, but I'm saying it is.)

I am leery of buying a motorcycle helmet online without trying it on and feeling it in my hands. However there are a ton of resources on the web for sizing and fit that make this process easier. In the end I felt confident I could buy the correct helmet I needed online. And I did. So rest assure you can too.

The helmet fits me great. A little tight at first as any helmet should be, but the foam should break in 10%. So it'll get more comfy as I continue to wear it. I've only used it on a handful of rides so far but I am very happy with this. And I like that the helmet is Made in Italy.

A few quick thoughts on this great N104 helmet:
  • The windshield is HUGE. Love the extra view.
  • Venting seems very good and noticeable. With vents fully open tons of air come in. I like it.
  • Buckle style strap lock so much better than D-rings.
  • Pinlock lens is a must for cold and rain. This thing is bomber with the Pinlock installed. Foggy without.
  • The built in sun shade is nice. Doesn't hit my nose and is easy to operate both ways.
  • Wish it had a breath guard. (Optional one to add-on would be great, Nolan design team.)

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Anonymous said...

I have used Nolan helmets for approx 10 years. A year ago upgraded to 104, from 102 modular. My new 104 is so much better in every way compared to the 102.

The only difference I notice (and it's quite annoying) my faceshield does not stay in up position when I'm riding at faster speed. It usually slams down at 40-45 MPH.

I have taken the faceshield off numerous times, thinking I may have reinstalled it improperly when I attached the pin shield.but, everything appears to be as it should.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?