Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Saeco Vienna Plus SuperAutomatic Espresso Machine

Ever dream of waking up and having pretty good fantastic coffee ready in minutes? Yeah, not possible unless you live in a micro roaster espresso shop. But a fairly good second place is have a good supply of fresh roasted whole coffee beans and a superautomatic coffee/espress maker.

One of the least expensive models that is basic, yet gets the beans brewed quite well is the Saeco Vienna Plus. No LCD screen, no bells, no whistles. Just a water tank, bean hopper, 3 buttons, 3 knobs, and 2 spouts.

With regular cleaning, descaling, and upkeep, some folks have gotten 7-8 years of use with this superautomatic.

We been using this machine for a few months now and I'm still tickled when pressing the "Go" button each morning. I usually take a 2-ounce shot of espresso with it. It delivers a nice taste of 3.5 star espresso. (Albeit, nothing close to the 5-star god-shot we all wish we could get at our home kitchen without spending $2,000. But heck, this thing is under $500.) But you can also fit a standard size mug under the coffee spout as well. You'll need some extra help with a tall travel mug though.

If you're a daily coffee/espresso drinker than do your mornings a favor and pick up a machine like this. You can check out the Vienna Plus at Amazon.

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