Saturday, December 22, 2012

Omega J8004 Juicing Juicer

I dig fresh juice. Fresh squeezed OJ, spectacular. Smoothie blends, fantastic. Pressed apple cider, rustic. Fresh veggie juice, yum. But I'm too frugal to buy this stuff at the store. In the past I bought a juicer to use at the home. What a racket that was! I had a Juiceman style juicer. You've seen these on an infomercial, I'm sure.

That thing was loud. Really loud! But the kicker was the absolute mess is created within itself. And the tiresome process to clean it up. It was a racket. In the summer I used to take it out side and spray it down with the garden hose, no joke. In the end I never, ever used the machine. Hence, never ever enjoy fresh veg and fruit juice. Which is too bad because that stuff is like pure health in a cup.

After a few years of un-juicing I decided there had to be a better way. A better machine. Research quickly led me to auger style masticating juicer. Quiet and easy to clean. And supposedly healthier since the RPM's are so low no enzyme-killing heat is introduced to the juice cells. I don't know about that all but I was sold on the first two points.

So I bought a Omega J8004 juicer at Amazon. Wow, looks so cool on the counter top. Easy to assemble when ready. Quiet when powered on. And fun to grind the veg/fruit down and around and into juice. Clean up is a snap. Just a few pieces washed off in the sink and done! Does not take more than 90 seconds. And I mean that.

It is actually something I can use each morning before work and that is serious health. In short, this is an appliance worth having on your counter top. If you are in the market for health than check out the Omega brand of juicers at Amazon. Worth it.


Corky said...

Hi; I was checking out the pictures of the Omega juicer auger because I'm buying a used one and it seems awfully worn and scratched for a juicer the guy said he wasn't using very much... anyway, I saw your hi-res photo and it sort of looks like a chunk of the auger is missing and exposing stainless steel underneath? It's probably just a reflection or something but thought I'd ask...? said...

@Corky - Yeah, that is just a reflection. I can't imagine the GE plastic scratching with little use, or even heavy use. Unless something with a hard seed or shell is being put through it.

Corky said...

Thanks for the reply.. I feel kind of foolish now cuz I picked the auger up and was reeeeeeally looking closely .. it sure looks scratched to me... then I scratched at it with my thumbnail and - voila! - it's a thin shiney film. Perfectly black auger underneath. D'uh. I wonder what he used to juice that would leave something that almost looks like silverleaf foil...? Well, anyway, mystery solved!
Have a GREAT year! :D