Thursday, March 07, 2013

Dave Ramsey's Mututal Funds - Two are growth funds from American Funds

Recently Dave tweeted and spoke about two of his mutual funds. I've heard him talk about "his" funds in the past but he never specifically named them. Now, for whatever reason, he has started revealing some of his funds. I suspect it has to do with people claiming that his is off the mark when recommending that people can regularly get 10-12% return year after year after year. So he is telling his detractors flatly what funds have average these returns over their long history.

Here are two that he specifically named recently. He is clear to say he isn't endorsing these products, but that he has his personal money in these funds. Both are products of American Funds:

Investement Company of America

Growth Fund of America

If you are looking for a long term growth fund, then both of these are worth a look. Dave did.

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