Saturday, March 09, 2013

The Prefect Demitasse Espresso Cup - It's Chip Proof

Ever since getting a Saeco Superautomatic machine, I take at least one 2 ounce pull of espresso each morning. For years I had a set of cute ceramic demitasse cups -- I've lost the tiny saucers, but who cares about those anyway. But I've found that the cups haven't been up to the task for daily use, by me. I ding them on the sink, I ding them on the faucet. They have chipped more then twice and one ding took off the entire handle... the poor demitasse cup!

As much as I like the painted ceramic look, I knew I needed a better replacement. Something that could handle the rigors of daily use, by me, and my always-in-a-hurry dish washing skill set.

In some moment of reflection I recalled a hardy campsite technology that allowed me to enjoy both wine, water, and, ahem, coffee for several years of camping: enameled-ware. This is the stuff of roustabouts and cowboys, and Boy Scouts probably. Sturdy. And un-breakable. Certainly the enamel can be chipped, but that will just add to the character of the demitasse moment.

I found a pair of little espresso size cups. They are fantastic. I love them. I want to dig around the garage and find my old coffee mug size one, if it hasn't been lost or abandoned years ago. I think these cups are, simply, the perfect espresso cup. You can check them out at Amazon here.

New friend and old friend

The business entering the cup

Ah, mornings with a Saeco


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