Thursday, January 10, 2013

Waking up each morning to a Saeco Vienna Plus

Morale and mornings have improved ever since getting a Saeco Vienna Plus in our kitchen. You can check it out at Amazon here. In a nutshell, pressing two buttons and getting a nice demitasse of espresso is a thing of beauty. I wish the Saeco would produce a nectar-like god shot. But ain't going to happen with a $400 machine. No way, no how. But I can live with and enjoy the shots it does produce.

I've not yet tried to tune the grinder to make a finer grind but I might, since this could produce a longer, richer pull. But as it sits, I'm happy to accept an ounce of nice espresso each morning. I can't complain. Even with month old beans the result is fine enough for me.

Beans waiting in the hopper:

The shot begins:

The crema is acceptable:

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