Saturday, January 05, 2013

Gravity Liberty CXD Disc Cyclocross bike from BikesDirect

I went shopping for a cheap cyclocross bike with disc brakes that would also have rack mounts for commuting needs. One of the cheapest options available are the bikes. So I ordered the Gravty Liberty CXD in orange. I knew that the components would be cheap, and it would need some work to get it in proper working order. The bike box was delivered intact and the bike inside was packaged fine and protected adequately.

I pulled everything from the box and put it together. Here's are my initial thoughts:
  • Some of the cables seem way too long. Especially for the front brake.
  • The seat post is too long, since it hits the water bottle cage bolt if put in far enough. The picture below shows it at the spot it hits the bolt. Notice it isn't even half way in!
  • The pedals are terrible. One of them barely turns because there is so much friction in the axle.
  • Shifting was fine right out of the box.
  • Both brake rotors rubbed on the calipers right out of the box.
After quick inspection I can tell it will take some doing to get this bike dialed in. So if you buy a bike from bikesdirect make sure you are comfortable with final assemble and fixing any issues with the factory build. You'll probably need to adjust cables and brakes, and probably should repack the hubs and headset with quality grease.

In my case, I have a few extra parts laying about the garage so my plan is to replace as many of the stock parts as possible on my Liberty CXD. I like what I see with the frame and disc brakes. I think this will be a great bike for my commuting n cyclocross needs once I'm complete.

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Shane said...

Thanks for the info. Today, would you still recommend it for $500? said...

Yes and no. If your budget is only $500 then it is a great choice. Otherwise you are looking at over $1,000 for any other disc brake bike. The bike climbs nice since the frame seems stiff. However, the bike feels sluggish on the flats.

Mark Lurie said...
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Mark Lurie said...

What size frame and how much does it weigh?

Also, did it come with the cross levers on the flat side of the bars? How do they work with disc brakes?

Anonymous said...

I have this bike in white - took it to a local bike shop and it works like a dream,