Friday, January 04, 2013

AeroPress - King of coffee makers?

If you want to become a believer in the AeroPress than make a test batch with the same coffee grounds, one with the press and one in a drip machine. I think you'll notice the difference in bitterness immediately.

Invented by the inventor of the Aerobie disc, the AeroPress is no let down. In fact it is to most coffee machines what the Aerobie is to the Frisbee: much better.

But I must admit, ever since we got a Saeco Superautomatic espresso make I seldom use the AeroPress. Shame on me. But recently someone gave me some coffee they brought back from Costa Rica. The coffee was already ground so I knew this was a chance to start using the AeroPress again. As always, the AerePress delivered a refreshing and tasty mug of java. Side note: I almost always use the inverted brewing method, but not always. If you have an AeroPress, which method do you use?

You can check out the AeroPress at Amazon here.

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