Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Blanton's Original Single-Barrel Kentucky Bourbon

I drink bourbon whiskey. But enough already about me. Let's talk Blanton.

This isn't a typical bourbon often spotted. So if you see it, try it. The bottle itself will tell you something is unique about this bourbon. The serious looking horse on the top cork is neat, if not silly. Wonder if it's pewter?

The label will tell you more uniqueness with hand written marks of different description: date bottled, warehouse stored, et al. Overall my palette enjoyed drinking it neat. A light caramel flavor with hints of nuts. Mmm... I thought.

A selling point of this bourbon is its single barrel origin. I wonder if two bottles might yield slightly different hints and notes since they are unique from one another. If I had a second bottle I could research this line of thought. Maybe sometime soon...

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