Monday, December 24, 2012

Filson Carry-on Bag - fantastic US Made everything bag

I've long been a fan of Filson luggage and clothing. As such, I've owned Filson gear since the 1990's and have only had great thoughts to think. They aren't the same company as back then and produce a lot more mainstream-styled stuff off shore. However, they still are making their classics in the USA. Including the great Carry-on shoulder bag.

I can't say this is the perfect bag since I also have the Filson Rucksack and depending on my mood and mode I prefer that at times. But this carry on is the first Filson bag I bought. I've used it for commuting, weekend trips, and travel abroad. It is a fantastic bag and highly recommended.

My has been well worn and traveled but doesn't barely looks broken in. Of course, those of use with Filson gear know it takes a lifetime to beat this stuff to hell. Here's to that sentiment.

Heavy duty zippers, snap shut pockets, extra loops on the secure straps to place an umbrella or newspaper (clever, eh..), bridal leather strap and accents, nice oil finish smell, ... I could go on and on about this. I could also use it as a pillow.

It is a piece of gear that you just don't buy. It is something that become part of your journey. And we all know it is the journey that defines us and not just the destination.

If you think life is taking you someplace interesting than perhaps a Filson Carry-on can be your travel buddy. One never knows...

You can check out the Carry-on at Amazon here: Filson Carry-on

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