Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grandfathered Virgin Mobile $25 month plan slowly going away

As price battles continue in the mobile phone market place, VM is trying to weed themselves of their $25/month subscribers. I don't blame them. $25 a month is peanuts for unlimited data/texts and 300 talking minutes.

I've been using Virgin Mobile's $25 plan for about 2 years now. They've already bumped new accounts up to $35 last year. Those of us grandfathered into the $25 have been given notice that we can upgrade phones in the next month and retain our $25 month plan. But after 5/27/2012 if we upgrade/swap phones our rate will go to $35. Heck, I don't mind because even at $35 month it is a fantastic deal for an Android smartphone. But I still prefer the $25 price.

So... I guess I better upgrade my cruddy Samsung Intercept to one of their newer models. My phone has issues and needs the occasional battery pull to restart it and can be painfully slow. Getting a new phone will be worth it, bundled with keeping the $25 month rate and saving $120 a year. With this I should be good on the $25 for another 2 years.

But the text I received from VM also hints that they may be releasing new phones at that time as well.  4G perhaps? So maybe the new models will be worth paying $35 a month for. I called VM customer support but they didn't have any clue what I was talking about. Go figure that the marketing dept is ahead of cust support...

Here is the text VM sent:


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