Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Making a tank of gas last 6 weeks

This past week we filled up our Subaru with gas. The prior time we filled this car up was early March. Feels good to have this much amount of time between fill ups. This has been possible by maximizing the gas mileage of the Subaru, which is best done by not driving it. (I keep hearing that airlines are doing this too, parking their older less fuel efficient planes in the desert and subsequently driving up the price of airfare.)

Ever since I switched to motorcycle commuting I've barely been driving the Subaru to work. Maybe once or twice every few weeks. This is fantastic because my motorcycle gets over 40 mpg and costs about $10 a week to fill up for commuting.

And of course this puts a lot of less miles on the Subaru.

How has the higher price of gas been treating you?

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