Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1 month Reflections on my sit stand work desk

For the past month I've been using an Ergotron sit-stand desk at work. It's a cool gadget that holds both my keyboard/mouse and monitor. It raises and lowers as I choose with minimal effort. I've seen Ergotron products used in hospitals for nurse stations and the company definitely makes a great product.

There's no shortage of companies offering products in the market space and plenty of DIY options available using free items like paper reams and soda cans.

My thoughts on the functionality of sitting and standing so far is great. It is important to note that I don't spend a full 8 hours at my desk each day either -- I come and go throughout the day. And some tasks I prefer sitting, such as when I have to write notes with pen and paper.

The main benefit of the standing part is health and longevity. The body burns more calories while standing so there is the subtle benefit of burning fat while working! You can find calculators online that will estimate how many more calories burned while standing compared to sitting. For my weight I will burn 255 more calories over 6 hours for standing rather than sitting. Over a 5 day workweek that is 1275 calories! And with 3500 calories in a pound a fat it means I burn one pound for every 14 days I stand for 6 hours. And I know this sounds too good to be true, but it is 19 pounds of fat over the course of the year!

Of course I might eat a little more each day and the result will be less but needless to say burning more fat calories is fantastic. And another benefit is the ergonomics on the body. Standing is better for the joints and more natural than sitting. And you can't slouch while you stand.

So far I'm enjoying the new sit/stand desk and will write another update a few months from now to see how I have found it after a few months.

Do you use a sit/stand or standing desk? How have you found it?

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Louise said...

I really like the sound of this, my job is VERY sedentary combined with long periods in the car, it's just so unhealthy.