Saturday, March 17, 2012

Barter ads online pay off for getting rid of unused stuff

In the past month I've posted two Craigslist barter ads that have paid off nicely. I've gotten rid of two very unused items and have gotten 3 very useful items. (I've also listed a few other barter offer items with unsuccessful trades as of yet.)

I traded an old laptop that hadn't been used in over 2 years for a mountain bike. This old computer was taking up shelf space and certainly was of zero value to me. But now I have a bike to fo some trail riding with. All around a great deal.

I also traded an old car stereo for two power saws. We bought this stereo for a car we had a few years ago. Before we sold the car I put the factory radio back in. This Sony car stereo has been sitting in a box on the floor of the garage ever since. So I made a trade with someone that had extra tools from their construction business. I received two high equality Milwaukee and Makita saws. I have cordless versions of the tools but have had issues with the batteries not proving enough juice and umph for certain tasks. Really nice to have gotten these tools for "free".

All in all these barter trades were great. It tooks a little effort to email/text in order to meet up with the other folks, but in the end I'm quite happy with the results.

Have you ever had a good barter? A bad one?

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