Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Re-Minting with Mint - tracking finance the easy, free way

I created an account with a few years ago when it first became available. At the time I didn't like the UI (among a fre other items) and eventually using it. The other week I decided to log in again and see what changes have occurred. (I knew they had been bought by Intuit since I last used them.)

Improvements look good. The credit card tracking is much better and purchases are placed in appropriate categories. Home prices are now tracked through Zillow. One improvement I could recommend is if car values could be tracked with KBB or something similar. This would make it much easier than manually having to adjust for depreciation annually.

I plan on using Mint for a few months and see what kind of insight I can glean. It's another good tool for the PF toolbelt. Perhaps I will find it more useful this second go-around.

Do you Mint? Or with a similar online service?

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