Thursday, March 08, 2012

To splurge or not to splurge: some items just need to be a splurge!

We all probably agree that certain items are worth spending more money on. I've kinda touched on this line of thought before in regards to value.

I saw on Dave Ramsey's site today a post about 7 items worth spending more on: TP, trash bags, running shoes, food, bed sheets, office chair, and silverware. I agree on five of these aside from the trash bags and silverware. Especially the running shoes. As an occasional marathon runner I know the importance of getting a quality shoes that is the right type of shoe for your feet.

Regarding the two other items: I don't overfill trash bags and never had one break, so we buy the cheaper ones. I don't really get his 7th item about silverware. We have a cheap set that works fine. (Although I have wondered about the type of alloy used in the cheaper sets. Maybe it's time to get a better set.)

Three items I think are worth the splurge on:
  • Coffee beans. I don't even know how Folgers still sells this stuff.
  • Socks. I've tried cheap ones that have gotten holes within a few weeks.
  • Lightbulbs. I bought some off-brand CFL bulbs and a few have burned out after a year.
What items do you splurge on? Do you ever feel guilty?

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