Tuesday, December 13, 2011

November Goals Follow Up

Guess I should review my November Goals before December is half over.

1- Switch Home and Auto Insurance and save money.
Done. I have switched both auto and home to two different companies. We now save $281 a year with our new home insurance policy. With auto we save $382 a year. Combined this is a total of $663, or $55.25 a month. Kinda feel like I should have looked into switching a few years ago. (Big thanks to the loan officer for making the comment that our monthly home insurance looked high when we were signing refi paperwork!)
2- Create about 21 square feet of space in house by setting up bunk beds.
Done. We converted the twin's twin beds to bunk beds and they love both the extra space to play and getting to sleep in the bunks. We rotate top bunk every Sunday night. This has worked out fantastically.

3- Clean the garage to allow for both cars to be parked inside.
Done. The space has been cleared. But I still need to continue cleaning and purging the garage -- the never-ending sage...

4- Fix CEL on one car issue and CV Axles.
Half Done. I've replaced the O2 sensor and the Check Engine Light is off. Sweet! By doing this myself I saved over $200! I haven't addressed the CV axle yet because it isn't as pressing an issue. Since the bad boot is the inner boot and is protected by the Cat Convertor there isn't a big chance that dirt will get in there. I've determined this can wait until the spring.

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~Carla~ said...

3.5 out of 4 is awesome! Well done!! :)