Friday, December 09, 2011

When you regret an investment

I currently hate one of our investments. I regret getting into. And I want out. All this in spite of the fact that it has gained almost 70% since we bought it in 2010. It is iShares Silver Trust - symbol SLV.

I hate it because it just sits there. Doing nothing. No dividend. No interest. Just boringly tracking the price of silver. It's not a huge amount, but not small either. It's value is more than our mortgage payment, but less than a month's paycheck.

Obviously it is nice that silver has gone up above $30 ounce and we bought SLV when silver was in the high teens. But the problem is this is in a non-retirement account. And as such if we sell it will be taxed at the collectibles rate and not the long-term gains rate. So it'll cost 30% in taxes just to sell it. Normally I wouldn't mind this if we had a bunch of losses to charge against it. But we haven't had these in recent years.

So for now I am just stuck leaving it there. We also have silver bullion coins and bars. It would have been much smarter to have bought more physical silver than to get into this ETF. At least these you can hold and look at them. And you don't pay a management fee to keep them in your sock drawer, or safe.

I tell myself that when, or if, silver again heads towards $50 I will sell our SLV stake when it's amount equals a month's paycheck and we'll just look at it like getting an extra month's paycheck for the year.

Do you have an investment you hate? Did you get rid of it? Are you waiting for some "moment" in time?

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