Friday, November 04, 2011

November Goals

1- Switch Home and Auto Insurance
Our longtime insurance company is upping our rates. Yikes! So much for rewarding loyal customers. (There's such a negative approach to companies only rewarding customers when they threaten to leave. Doesn't leave a warm feeling towards the companies we send money to month after month after month. Probably a topic for another post on its own.) We bundle Auto with Home, so even though I thought we had a good policy I started checking quotes online. By switching to a different major Auto insurer and a different major Home insurer we can save about $630 a year or about $52 a month. That's some good savings for about an hours worth of work shopping around the different quote tools online.

2- Create about 21 square feet of space in house
When our twins switched from toddler beds to twin beds (funny pun in there?) we bought a set that also could be bunk beds. And we looked forward to the day we'd set them up, creating tons more play space in their room. The time has arrived. Unfortunately I've misplaced the instructions and screws/dowels in the years since we first built the beds. After looking high and low around the house (should have taped it all the bottom of one of the beds!) I've figured it's just easier to figure out what is needed and go by it at Home Depot. I couldn't track down the manufacturer and the store no longer sells the same bed. I have tracked down photos of the bed so can see where the side rails and ladder go/attach. Now I just need to secure and parts and build it.

3- Clean the garage
Now that winter is arriving I need to turn our garage back into a 2 car garage. There are various boxes, bikes, debris, clutter, etc... preventing both cars to be parked inside. I'm getting tired (after just 4 times) of scraping frost of the windshield. Gotta get this done soon. Hoping this is a first half of month completion rather than latter half.

4- Fix CEL on one car issue and CV Axles
One of our cars has Check Engine Light on. I know it is at a bad O2 Sensor. So I bought a replacement sensor on Amazon and need to install it. That should fix the CEL. Same car also has at least one torn CV boot. Need to either replace boot or axle. I should get both these items taken care of before winter fully arrives.

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