Thursday, January 24, 2008

Convertible Carseats. Britax? No, saving money with Cosco

Boys are big enought to get out of the Snugride seats. Which are getting heavy when carrying. Did lots of research: Google-ing, Consumer Reports, and Amazon reviews. Britax Roundabout and Evenflow Triumph 5 case to the top of the heap. Looked at both at local store and like the smaller form factor of the Britax. Price tag looked steep at $220, considering we need four seats for both cars.

Thought we might try getting two Britax and two Evenflow to get the price down. Found a fre website that sell Britax at a discount. $190 for Roundabout. Some more reseach.

Again, more research brought me to Cosco Scenera. Decent review. Affordable. Similar size to Roundabout. One fourth the price! Went to local store to check it out and waled out with four of them. $200. What a deal! Sure, there a few less adjustments and padding isn't as thick. Bit so foar these look to be great seats for the boys.

Installed easy enough. And I figure, worst of carseats today and miles beyond the stuff my mom stuck me into in the 70s.

I'm quite happy with the seats. Costwise and fit wise for the boys. Much easier to get them in/out. And it lets us start using our Civic which gets much better mileage then our Mpv.

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