Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby formula that saves a little money

Our twin boys love to eat. The are true bottle babies. And we go through lots of formula. Most of the name brand formulas cost $20+ can. A few chain stores offer their own label for heaps less. At the bottom of the barrel is Costco. We tried this but the boys didn't agree with it. The Kirkland brand seemed to mix/shake up all foamy. More gas in it? Maybe so and more gas in the twins tummies was no good.

So, Target and Walmart both sell their brand for the same price, or about a $1 more than Costco. I try to shop Target over Walmart for no good reason. We've been happily feeding the boys Target formula and the boys haven't complained much. It keeps our budget down. Soon the boys will be starting eating regular food and I look forward to putting the food processor to use. Truly making good, nutritious food for less. Anything to get the outlay down.

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BillyOceansEleven said...

Another PF Blogger with twins! Happy day!

Our twins are both healthy eaters as well. We started out using Similac but we've been using the Members Mark brand from Sam's Club. It seems to work just as well as the brand name stuff and is a lot cheaper. I would certain recommend it to anyone.