Sunday, January 20, 2008

Making Most of Rewards Credit Cards for your Finances

Using your rewards style credit card can pay off big

I've been a longtime fan of credit cards of rewards. Smartly, I've been a long time fan of paying off credit cards every month. Aside from one or two months, I've never carried a balance on my credit cards and don't intend to, and certainly don't recommend it either.

So, currently our reward cards are as such:

We both have our own REI Vias. 1% back on all purchased. Gets us REI gift card each year. I use this card quite a bit.

Chase Rewards Visa. 5% back on all gas and grocery purchases. We share this card and use it for gas and food, obviously. $300/yr max on rebate. We get a check from Chase.

Our newest card is Discovery. We got this card since Discover is the only card our day care accepts. And since we spend a whole lot on day care each pays to use this. 1% back on all purchases. However, you can double your rewards if you choose gift cards from select companies. We'd probably choose Target and Home Depot since we spend our monet there regularly.