Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mora of Sweden Allround 711 Carbon Steel Knife - great value for the money

Wow, what a knife! You can check this knife out at Amazon here.

If you troll the web for the best utility, survival, bush craft knife for the money, you'll find a lot of opinion that the best deal out there hands down is for a Mora knife. These are simple, super sharp knives make in Mora Sweden. What the sheath lacks, the carbon steel blade makes up for.

A fantastic knife for under $20. Nice thick blade, with a raw unfinished back -- I like the industrial look. And the back is in no way sharp on the thumb. Very nice. The grip is grip-y dry or wet. I'll see how the rubber wears over time and use.

The highlight here is definitely the blade. The carbon steel is super, super sharp right out of the sheath.  I'll have to put this 711 through it's paces when camping this year. I expect it to be a fine campsite friend.

For all the good and value there is one let down. I don't trust the sheath since the knife doesn't really snap in and it seems the Mora knife could pop out. And I have a few leather belts that are too thick to go through the sheath's belt loop. So this knife may be better living in a tackle or tool or glove box, or easily accessible someplace other than on your hip. Or course, if you want a belt knife, I'm sure there are many options for getting a better sheath.

But overall I am very pleased with this 711. I bought it from Amazon for under $17 with free shipping. What a deal!

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