Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gerber Paraframe Mini clip knife - there when you need it

I like having a little knife on my person. Memory serves me that several times a week I have use for a small blade: cutting boxes, zip ties, slicing tape, etc...

In the past I used to keep a tiny Swiss Army knife on my key chain but I no longer carry my keys with me all day long. I miss having the small blade available. So I looked for a small folding knife with a clip function.

The Gerber Paraframe Mini clearly is designed for this purpose. About the size of a tube of ChapStick this knife is always there but never gets in the way.

I think a great small knife for this purpose is the Gerber Paraframe Mini. I can clip it in my pocket and no really feel it there. But when something needs a cuttin' it's right there for me. At under $10 it's a great value.

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Anonymous said...

Hi where I can find one like this? I like this knife, help will be much appreciated. Thanks