Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekend bonus goals...

Even though I'm implementing my Five-to-none TLM weekdays I still want to have 10 additional weekend bonus goals. I'll keep them short and simple:

  1. Take donations to Goodwill
  2. Clean out side-yard patio
  3. Move concrete blocks to sideyard
  4. Pick apples and pears from fruit trees in yard
  5. Exchange tool chest at Lowes for correct size
  6. Prep old computers to be sold
  7. Organize linen closet
  8. Move yard debris to compost pile
  9. Put wood on garage floor in storage
  10. Re-arrange front desk

I aim to complete at least 6.  What's on your weekend goal list?

1 comment:

Poor to Rich a Day at a Time said...

Looks productive! LOL I am actually relaxing this weekend but do plan on doing a little de-cluttering today on my path to a minimalists goals :) Most likely starting with the Kitchen today!

Oh and then get a few things ready tonight for homeschooling throughout the week.....