Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Back on track for 2012

The days of summer have taken the lion's share of my time, leaving little for blog updates. I planned at taking a look at my 2012 goals at the halfway point of the year but that didn't happen. So now would be the second best time to do so. Here's progress on the 12 goals I set for 2012.

  • Make an extra month's mortgage payment over course of year - about 10% paid
  • Fully fund both our IRAs - have to wait for 2012 taxes to calculate allowed amounts
  • Save 15% of income to retirement - saving about 10% each  month
  • Continue saving monthly for future "dream house down payment" - saving extra each month
  • Lose 12 pounds - not quite there yet
  • Bike and run a total of 2,000 miles - 350 logged and a lot of miles left to go
  • Landscape side of yard - started
  • Clean/donate 12 big boxes of "stuff" - box a month - have donated several boxes
  • Replace outside entry garage door with metal door and deadbolt  - done
  • Take twins to new state for them  - done via Indiana
  • Go backpacking overnight with family - running out of time to do this
  • Fund twin's ESA college accounts - on going

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