Thursday, June 07, 2012

Temptation from Virgin Mobile's plan for pre-paid iPhone 4s

I just saw that Virgin Mobile is launching pre-paid iPhones at the end of this month. Tempting. Very tempting. The deal is you pay full price for an iPhone 4 ($549) or iPhone 4S ($649) and get unlimited data and 300 talk minutes for $35 a month. Initially VM will have a $5 month discount so it'll only be $30 a month.

I am sure they will limit the deal to new phones purchased through VM. So no deal if you already own an iPhone and want to port it over. Not going to happen.

The other month I updated my Android phone and am on the grandfathered, end-of-life'd $25 month plan. So however tempting it is to get an iPhone I won't be standing in line just yet.  But at some point I will be upgrading my phone and given the new choice of a cheaper Android phone or expensive iPhone I just may be tempted to decide on the latter.

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