Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trying out a new system for house cleaning: Weekly Zone Cleaning System

A goal of ours this year is to keep a cleaner house. Up till now we haven't used a schedule to clean the house. Our method has generally been to spot clean as needed.This isn't a very effective means to keep a clean house.

So we came up with an idea I like to call the Weekly Zone Cleaning System. The idea is very simple. Focus on one area of the home each week. So we divided our house into 4 zones:
  1. Bathrooms
  2. Bedrooms
  3. Kitchen
  4. Main living space

Each week of the month we clean the zone for that week, e.g., Week 1 we clean the bathrooms, Week 2 we clean the bedrooms, and so on. A few times a year there are 5 weeks in the month and for those months we get a week off.

It takes more supplies, effort, and time to clean the kitchen and bathrooms so we alternate those weeks to have easy weeks in between. My favorite week is Week 2 since I can vacuum the bedrooms in about 10 minutes.

So far this month we have stuck to the schedule and this past week we cleaned and decluttered the kitchen. Our kitchen immediately looks more organized with less clutter and stuff on the counters and shelves.

Moving forward we hope to stick with this cleaning system and tweak it if need be.

Do you have a regular cleaning schedule for your house? Do you keep with it?

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