Saturday, January 28, 2012

Low Spend Week and looking at my January No Spend Days recap

I satisfactorily completed my end of month goals. As I mentioned in my goals post I don't generally set weekly, or even monthly, goals. But maybe I should, it the results and tracking similar to this past weeks.

A quick recap of the few goals I made for the week:
  1. Low Spend Week. We had 4 No Spend days this week! And could have been 5 but I spontaneously bought soup at work one day for lunch. I just couldn't resit the notion of homemade soup to go with my salad. It was $4.95 with tax so we'll count this as a Low Spend day. The other two days of the week the family ate out so these didn't make the grade.
  2. No sugar. I met this goal with average success. I ate one cookie one day at work (and it was a tiny, small one). I'd say I kept on track and turned aside a few other opportunities to eat sugary things.
  3. Taxes. Started the taxes. I can't ever remember a year when I started taxes this early. With any hope I'll be able to complete and file next month. This would be without precedent since I usually am a April filer.
I planned on 12 No Spend days for January. So far I can account for 10 No Spend days. With 3 days left I need to plan on failing at hit the 12. I am flying on the 31st and know there'll be some money spending. I give it a coin toss for not spending on the remaining 2 days. I am sure 1 of them will be spend free and overall I'll be happy to reach 11 No Spend days for January.

How did you do with your budget this past week? How is January coming to an end for your budgeting?

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Poor to Rich a Day at a Time said...

Sounds like you did great this month, way to go!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I look forward to continuing to read yours!