Monday, November 28, 2011

Time for .... End of year Investment Snap Shot

It's time to prepare for my end-of-the-year "look-sie" into our investment world. To see how much money is in each brokerage account and which retirement account has how much money. And of course, see how the total portfolio is weighted. This also lets us ask the age-old question: How are we doing relative to our age group? And there are the calculators that let you plug these figures in to see "how much we'll have at retirement".

My goal for this is more for the insight, rather than the need to take action.

I'm not much for re-balancing because as 30-something-year olds, we don't mind carrying a very aggressively-weighted portfolio. I don't have any interest in moving funds from one type of investment into another. I pretty much keep everything in equities and cash (with the latter meant as an emergency fund). In the past I've used some of the online tools to track this (think but i think a good part of this exercise is to manually enter these numbers into a spreadsheet and have the raw data in a simple format. And of course lets some simple graphs or charts be created from this data.

I generally haven't had a schedule for taking a look at this info, but I would like to keep more up-to-date on these numbers on at least a quarterly basis, if not quicker. How do you track your total portfolio? How often do you check it?

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