Friday, November 25, 2011

Saving Money and Giving Money at the same time.

Each holiday we find ourselves buying more and more gifts online. While we may not get the absolute best deals compared to limited Black Friday deals, we do get exactly what we need without the hassle (and excitement) of the crowds. And prices have been very good lately. This also lets us shop for xmas gifts early so we don't have to wait til the last few weeks (or days, yikes!) before the bid day.

Awhile back I listened to a podcast where the host talked about supporting the show by purchasing goods from Amazon through the podcast show's website so the show gets a little kickback from Amazon. This got me to thinking to see if there were any nonprofit groups that had this arrangement with Amazon so I could help out a charity while saving money shopping at Amazon. I didn't find anything on Amazon directly that showed these relationships. Searching online didn't turn up a hole lot, certainly not a list of options. I did find a reference to Surfrider Foundation, but the link was old and invalid. The other place I found was Mercycorp, an organization that as their website states: "Focuses on disaster response, sustainable economic development, health services, and emergency and natural disaster relief." Sounds like a cause worthy of getting my Amazon business so they can get back an extra 1% or so of my order from Amazon.

Here's the link I use to buy through Amazon to give to Mercycorps:

Do you find ways to give while you shop online? If so, which organizations do you give to and how do you donate?

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