Saturday, November 12, 2011

Those nagging projects... Quick effort to finish the easy ones before the holidays arrive.

We all have a "to do" list. And I'm sure most of us have one that seemingly only grows in length. My plan for this weekend is to pick some of the low hanging fruit on this list and get that taken care of and off the list. I figure if I can pick 4 things that take 15 mins or less each I'll be happy. Only 1 hour of effort (30 mins each weekend day) to shorten that list. Now that sounds like a good idea.

Among the easy ones (i think) are:

1- We put in new counter tops this past summer. The old laminate ones covered more of the cabinet top than the replacement granite and butcher block tops we installed. This left a small strip of unfinished wood viewable from waist height and below. I just need to get some poly-finish and rub it into the wood. It will likely take me longer to find the finish in the garage than to actually do the task. Time needed: 15 mins

2- A referenced in #1 above, we have 2 sections of our kitchen cabinets that are butcher block (love them by the way). I need to put on a coat of mineral oil. This time I know right where the oil is, unlike the poly-finish. Time needed: 15 mins

3- Close that old money market account. We have an ING account that still has about $500 in it. Earlier this year we switched most of the funds within to a local credit union and SmartyPig.  Now I just need to close the transfer off by getting all the funds out. Time needed: 15 mins

4- Clean out and organize our coat closet. The current state of our coat closet is a large pile of kids and adult shoes on the floor and on the shoe shelf. After a summer of just throwing shoes in and out, and having kids feet that grow, I'm sure I can move the summer footwear to storage and find a few kids shoes to donate that are too small now. With fewer footwear in there, I can re-organize it so we can quickly find matching pairs of shoes. Time needed: 15 mins

What easy 4 things can you strike off your "to do" list in an hour?

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