Thursday, November 10, 2011

The enjoyment of saving money

Like many Americans in the past year, we finally cut the cord to the cable company. Or in our case, one of the satellite TV companies. This decision saves us around $70 a month, over $840 a year. $4200 over 5 years! Now that's a statistic that will put a smile on anyone's face.

Our alternative means of TV entertainment comes from 3 source; 2 free and 1 paid. We bought over-the-air antenna. We use free internet TV (Hulu, Disney, SpikeTV, etc.) and pay for Netflix -- DVD and streaming service. Didn't really mind their price hike the other month. Percentage wise, it sucks at 60% increase. But $16 is way cheaper than the old bill we had.

For the most part we haven't missed watching anything. There are some shows that we cannot find for free, or at all, but we've moved on with our lives and are surviving. In fact, we often watch some sitcoms in real-time over the air. Something we never did with the DVR at our disposal. And the twins can watch Sesame Street every morning if we want.

Now there's a new possibility arriving. I've recently pre-ordered a $99 Kindle Touch and was excited to see that Amazon launched a free e-book checkout for Amazon Prime members. Right now there are over 5,000 e-books available. And of course Amazon has lots of free TV Shows and Movies for Prime members. In fact, they may have enough to we can stop paying for Netflix streaming and replace it with the $80 yearly Amazon Prime cost. We order lots from Amazon so the free 2-day shipping will be a nice bonus.

Once I get me new Kindle, hopefully this month, I'll have to take a closer looks at dropping the $8 month Netflix cost. We'd save $96 a year and pay $79 for Amazon Price -- realizing a $17 yearly savings.

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