Friday, October 31, 2008

Fed keeps lowering rate. Refi in works??

I'm quietly anticipating the chance to refi the mortgage this Jan when our 36 month prepayment penalty ends. Given the rate this week we'd potentially save $190 a month with a 9 month timeframe to make up the difference in closing cost. If rate lowers in 8 weeks I'd love to see additional monthly savings of over $200. That's make for some good extra money each month to invest. Aiming to buy into some of our ETFs and funds to dollar cost average.

I wonder if anyone else is considering refi in these times??? I know a co-worker of mine wants to but he doesn't have enough equity to do. Instead he's having a family-in-law member move in to the extra room. Yikes.

He'll make a good bit with the rent. But I'm not in the position of leasing out our extra room. It's currently the storage room and is filled with everything. Good thing it is in the back of the house.

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