Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Math of Limits

When it comes to investing and personal finance everything come down to one word: math. Keep adding and compound and adding and compounding and retire wealthy one day. That's the hope.

It's the simple math that promises as much. A few cents here and there all add up. Right? Right.

So, same for health? Having twins has left me with less time for fitness minded efforts for the past year. But, recently I've been bring by bike to work via bus and riding to the wife's office about 6-8 miles depending on route and which office she'd at. We carpool home, which saves her time driving, and walk to get the twins.

Before leaving the office I have been grabbing a cold Gatorade for the ride. Yesterday I thought about it. Wasting a bottle each day. But also important, those 130 calories each ride. So it figures:
3500 calories in one pound fat. 130 calories per bottle. Using water instead of Gatorade over the course of 27 rides saves 3510 calories. One pound of fat. (sure metabolism is more complicated than simple math but hey, this model works for me)

SO only water for me now.

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