Monday, March 13, 2006

Shopping for weed wacker

My mom has needed to clear some brush on her property for a few years. The closest she got to doing it was getting a $500 quote from her neighborhood lawn mowing service. She wasn't at all interested in paying $500 just to remove brush. One of the many benefits of moving back west was being near my family and helping them out when I could.

I told my mom I would do it for free as long as she would buy the gas powered weed/brush wacker. After checking a few of the local stores I found prices for these machine run about $135-200. Which still seems like a lot of money for something that'll likely get used once a year to clear brush.

This weekend I saw a lawn mower repair service that also sells used equipment. This week I'll check out the pawnshops and see what they're charging. My experience is pawnshops always have high prices. Plus I figure the mower repair shop will tune-up all equipment they sell and stand by it if it breaks after ten minutes of use. Hopefully I can find something for $100 or less.

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