Sunday, March 12, 2006


After looking into last month's purchases I saw that we spent almost $400 on groceries. Quite a lot more than I thought we spent for just the two of us. Although, I know the amount is higher than average because we hosted two dinner parties. But it was still higher than we thought it should be.

We'd like to spend $60 a week. One of the easiest costs to cut is wine. We both have enjoyed drinking more wine in recent months. And had gone from $4-5 bottles to $6-10 bottles of wine. If we both had wine with dinner every night we'd go through four bottles a week. Which would be about $128 a month averaged out. Quite an extravagent indulgence I think. So now we plan on just having wine on the weekends and should use only one bottle a week for about $32 a month. Almost $100 savings.

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