Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The aim for churning: free travel for 2016

At the end of 2015 we spent a few days in NYC for the holiday. We scored a great hotel in midtown Manhattan that would have cost $900 for 3 nights. (Remember the fantastic 100k bonus Brit Air Visa card deals from years ago.) Luckily we had enough British Air Avios to get the room. What a deal!

With that stay we've essentially depleted the remaining Brit Ait Avios we had. And haven't had a travel rewards for awhile. Been happy with Fidelity Rewards Visa and now the Double Cash Mastercard. This year however, I want to churn some travel rewards up. So step one is to rack up some air miles.

We both just signed up for the Citi Platinum AA 50k promo with $3k spend in first 3 months. That is 100k for the two us. But... I've also read if you call up Citi they can increase it to 60k each - 120k total. So I gotta call and ask. As they say, if you don't ask....

  • Step 1 - Air Miles - AA 50k promo (maybe 60k)  - working on the 3k spend
  • Step 2 - select a hotel rewards card to open .... researching options....
  • Step 3 - pick a trip

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