Thursday, December 26, 2013

Getting rid of excess clutter. Really going to do it this time.

Like most Americans I'm awash in stuff. Lots and tons of stuff. It creeps into every corner of my life, my house. And it is no uncommon thing to do a stuff-cleanse. Sure, I've done a few of those. It doesn't work well, usually. Or at all.

But here we go again. This time it will work. Just this past week I found 4 flashlights around the house that haven't ever been used. Or maybe used once. Crazy thing is, there are a few more flashlights around that aren't used.

I have something like 5 headlamps. 5 headlamps! I still only have one head. Crazy!

So this time I really want to rid myself of all this excess. Expunge all this crap. Simply my stuff.

There is no plan. No gimmick. No expert. Nothing more than simply getting rid of stuff at a slow and steady clip. No 2-day donation blowout. No one weekend attempt. Just a slow and steady attempt to "always keep purging." I will keep a page on this blog to keep track of the stats for my own notes.

It begins:
Donation to thrift shop: 4 flashlights. Almost new.
Selling on eBay: one headlamp, works perfect.
Total less stuff: 5

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