Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Made in America Mac Pro by Apple

I love that Apple is continuing to support US manufacturing, albeit very minimally but hey gotta start somewhere. Their new Mac Pro is quite a different take on a server. It is adding excitement by bucking two trends: manufactured offshore and tradition enclosure. Yes, in a very Apple-like way the new Mac Pro is moving rapidly away from the square corner box design. I love the look. I like the idea on cooling, can't wait to see more on the fan. Sure I've already seen comments about having to fit these into the workplace, rackplace. But the footprint is tiny, and I'm sure simple solutions will be created.

Can't wait to see more highlights on the product. And so great that it is Made in USA. Fantastic that the entire line of Mac Pros will be US Made. So design firms overseas will have to import these US Made computers. iAwesome.

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