Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The sad end of my favorite Blundstone 500 boots

Wow, these boots were great friends for over 10 years. Wore the heck out of them. Hiked in them. Traveled in them. Took them camping. I got these as a gift from a friend that bought them on their travels in Australia.

But all good things come to a sad end. Including these #500 boots. As noted in the photos they hit their limit and blew apart while doing some DIY drywall work around the home.

No regrets though. These boots lasted, and gave me some great memories. I probably won't get another pair, since I don't even know where to find them being sold. I suppose I could buy some online, but then again, I kinda like the thought that these were my one pair to love, live, and enjoy.

We bid you farewell Blunnies.

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