Saturday, November 03, 2012

Organizing clutter with Sterlite containers - Made in USA

I bought $70 worth of Sterilite containers this weekend to organize various items in our spare bedroom. While I did comb through items to trash/donate a bunch of stuff, there is still a ton of things we have to store smartly.

This is more easily done with see-through Sterilite containers. Easy to see in them and the lids come off simply. And they're Made in USA! A very nice thing to read on the label.

Today's reorg project is just one of many over this winter. My master plan is to declutter and revamp how well we are utilizing space in our house and garage. We can't create any more square footage but we can certainly make better use of the existing space. (I dream of having rooms that look like ones out of Dwell or Real Simple.)

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