Friday, October 19, 2012

Super cheap DIY landscaping

For years now I've been wanting to landscape our side yard. I have high hopes and inspirations to actually do this over the winter. And I want to do it on the cheap. I'd like to set a budget of $100 or so but I'm not sure if that is a attainable amount. Certainly under $250 should be doable and this is my figure.

The main elements of this project are:
  1. Planning - this is essential!
  2. Materials - hope to get most materials free off Craigslist and buy needed plants
  3. Doing - with DIY no extra cost for hired labor
I've started the planning phase by dividing the side yard into sections. Each section will be seen as its own project, this way I'm not overwhelmed and can focus on small sections one at a time. I've split the yard into 5 sections and have a solid plan for doing the first two sections. And I've already secured a load of broken concrete for free off Craigslist. I'll use these materials to build a wall for one section. I'll officially kick off groundbreaking this weekend.

Budget:   $250
Concrete - free
Weed Barrier - $5
Remaining Budget - $245

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