Thursday, August 16, 2012

Red-shirting Kindergarteners: No thanks...

Our twins will be starting Kindergarten next month. And they are only 4 years old!

With late August birthdays we could have followed the recent trend of purposely holding them back another year. Or red-shirting them, as its being labeled. But we didn't let foolishness affect our decision.

I understand there are some arguments in favor of red-shirting. Like:
They will be smarter. They will be stronger and faster. They will be taller. They will the captain of their sports team senior year of high school. They will be a natural leader. They will get full-ride sports scholarship. And more stuff that is complete nonsense.

We believe in our kids. We don't think they need a leg up on their peers. And the downside is, well, a downer. What if they aren't the smartest kid. What if they are one of the last to learn algebra? Then they will be know as the "older, dumb kid" by their peers. That doesn't sound like fun cozy playground talk.

We like the upside instead. Being the youngest. Being driven to keep up with the older kids. Being faster and smarter than the older kids.

Besides, why would we want them not to be challenged during their 5th year? Why would we want to not give them the chance.

It's a great debate. But I assume most parents that are red-shirting their kindergarteners are doing so for their own issues. I say no. Believe in your kids instead; challenge your kids. Their success in life doesn't hinge on being the oldest kid in their kindergarten class.

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