Friday, May 18, 2012

My weekend declutter and to-do list

I have three goals in mind this weekend.

1 - Side Yard: Pull out the dead shrub on the side of the house. After 1 year I'm pretty sure it isn't coming back. Funny how things that are out-of-sight can be ignored for ages. I also bought 2 azaleas that need to be planted. There is some misc. debris that can be thrown out as well.

2 - Donations: I have a few boxes of donations to take to the thrift store. But I think I can add one more box of clothes. I'll comb through my closet and look for items that are begging to be donated. I know that I have a few shirts that I haven't worn in over 4 years. I suppose that's a good signal that they aren't needed!

3 - Veggie Garden: In the past years we've done flat bed and raised bed gardening. But this year I want to try a building garden box for veggies. Luckily I had a free source of 2x6 boards. I have all the materials and just need to spend an hour building them. And another hour getting some veggie starters from the store and planting them.

What is on your weekend's to-do list?

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