Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend To Do list

There are a few tasks (some years overdo!) to cross off the perpetual to do list. I'm hoping to tackle a few of these this weekend.

  1. Replace side entry door on garage. 6 years overdo. The side access door on our garage is cheap and flimsy with a plastic window. I should have replaced this with a metal door years ago that offer much better security. A friend did a remodel and gave me a replacement 30" door so this should work nicely as a replacement and cost nothing.
  2. Remove remaining dirt on yard trailer. I borrowed a little trailer to get some fill dirt to level out our side yard. It's 80% empty. Need to get the rest of the dirt out so the trailer owner can get the trailer back.
  3. Tax return. Got a few more things in the past 2 weeks to add into the return. Hoping to file by the first week of March.
  4. Clean out gas tank on motorcycle. With hope of better weather I need to prep my motorcycle for daily commuting. I need to get old gas out of the tank and check the fuel filter.
  5. Take a load of stuff to local charity. Donate a few boxes of old toys and clothes to get them out of the garage.
  6. Put in vent hose for bathroom fan. Like #1 his is long overdue. Need to make sure the moisture is being adequately vented outside of our attic so we don't have any issue come up.

I could add more but to not get overwhelmed I'll leave it at 6. Do you have a good weekend to do list or is it just a play weekend?

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