Monday, February 20, 2012

Starbucks wristbands raise $7 million and create over 3,000 jobs

I've mentioned previously that I like and support Starbuck's attempt at creating US jobs with their $5 bracelets. We bought two of these, adding our $10 to the mix. So did many, many other people. And now the results are coming in. These simple bracelets have been funneled into grants, which in turn have been sent out into communities around the country via community loans.

CNN highlighted some of the expected 2,300 jobs that have been created so far from these loans. Here are a few examples of the jobs:
  • 10 jobs created at ice cream company in New England; received loan money after getting turned down from local bank.
  • Small electrical company in Oregon gets a start with loan.
  • 47 full time jobs created at a food co-op in Pennsylvania.

And as a bonus, Starbuck's blog reports that they have created 14 US based jobs by offering Made in USA coffee tumblers. It's about time.


Sharon said...

I've seen these in Starbucks when I've picked up my coffee beans. I will buy a couple the next time I'm there. I LOVE this! said...

Cool if you get some!