Monday, February 06, 2012

DIY Long Term Health Insurance: Green Tea

It's been known for a long time how great green tea is for one's health. New studies show just how fantastic a tonic green tea is. The latest study from Japan shows that green tea drinkers have less chance of disability as they age.

As a PF blogger I am just as much interested in long term health as I am in a secure financial retirement. In fact health is even more important than money. Not much point to plan for an enjoyable retirement if our health won't allow us to partake.

For those that eat smart and exercise regularly I credit them with having a simple, yet effective, DIY plan for long term health results. This is better than having a long term health insurance plan. And as health costs soar, focus on prevention is as important as ever.

I have been a off and on again tea drinker since college years ago. But in the past few years I have enjoyed a mug or two of green tea at work on a daily basis. For some reason I seldom have it at home on the weekend.

But I have a lot to feel good about by having 5-10 servings a week. Evidence shows that the antioxidants within green tea help your body against cancer, obesity, memory loss, heart disease, and cognitive decline. That's a lot of benefit from just one little cup of tea!

Do you drink green tea? How does healthy living fit into your PF goals and plans?


tina said...

I just found your blog and I really enjoy your posts. I love green tea, my 22 year old son got me hooked on it a year or so ago, i try to drink atleast two mugs a day. I have found the more on top of my finances I am, the better i take care of my health and vice versa. My husband and I recently purchased a nordic track and it was money well spent. We both work out daily, now if i could just get him hooked on the tea!! said...

The nice thing is there are so many types of green teas that there is even flavors for those that don't like tea. Now someone just needs to make coffee flavored green tea!