Monday, January 16, 2012

Paying with cash and receiving 182 year old coin as change

I don't often use cash because I love my rewards Visa card. I pay the balance off monthy so don't pay interest and collect the 1.5% that goes into my IRA. It's such a win-win.

But the other week I did pay for something at a grocery store with cash and received my change from those automated coin change machines. I didn't notice right away but later that night I saw that two of the pennies were unique. One was an older wheat penny, which I always keep and are becoming less common. The other was clearly not a penny, at least not a US one. It was a 1830 German penny - or pfennig. A 182 year old coin! Given as change. Wow... to think of the journey this coin has traveled over the past 19 decades!  Maybe I should use cash more often.

Here's a short video on it:

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