Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 changes: Using the free credit reports regularly

Yesterday I finally did something I should have been doing every 4 months. That is, getting a free credit report from The last time I tried this was in 2009 and I recall it wasn't as easy and straightforward as it could have been. At that time one of the 3 agencies still required mailing or faxing a request. I felt the overall process was clunky.

Fast forward to yesterday. What an improvement! In less than 5 minutes I was looking at my Equifax credit report. I easily saved a copy as a PDF for my records. Equifax even offers an option to create an account on their website to access the report for 30 days but I didn't bother with this. I'll plan on helping my wife get hers too this week.

Going forward I'll remind myself to request a report from one of the 3 agencies every 4 months throughout the year. It will be good practice to keep abreast of our reports to ensure nothing is unexpected or out of the ordinary.

Do you regularly use these reports? Do you find one of the agencies to be easier or better than the others?


The Happy Homeowner said...

I love that site, and I use it every year to pull my free reports! I actually just found an error on my report thanks to using it. Make sure to look over everything!! said...

@The Happy Homeowner
Great point about looking over everything. Mine had all sorts of stuff with over 18 pages. Easy to miss stuff.